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Earlier in the year we were approached by the glamorous young mother of a soon to be one year old to photograph her daughter’s first birthday celebrations.

The event was to take the form of a religious blessing and took place at a beautifully serene and peaceful Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) just outside of East London.

The event was held on a Saturday morning and was attended by close family & friends. It was a two hour long ceremony filled with Sikh priests singing and reciting holy scriptures from the Sikh holy book named ‘The Guru Granth Sahib Ji’.

The parents had requested natural shots be taken of the event as well of all their guests as they sat and listened to the blessings.

After the ceremony, which is referred to as a ‘sukhmani Sahib Path’ had been completed and additional blessings had been given to the birthday girl and her parents, the guests were ushered to the lower level of the Gurdwara were we all enjoyed the Sikh ritual of ‘Guru Ka Langar’ – which loosely translates to open kitchen and blessed food.

Thereafter it was time for what no birthday celebration can be without, cake cutting!!

Some group shots were taken with the family and their guests whilst all enjoyed a slice of yummy cake which was the perfect way to end the celebrations for such an adorable little girl’s birthday.

After the event, we went through the images and were ever so pleased that we had managed to capture some stunningly natural shots, which is exactly what the client was after.

The clients’ thoughts on the images were.. “The photos are really amazing, everyone has enjoyed looking through them. You have done a great job at capturing everyone and the whole event. It is nice to have so many to look though, you have been generous with the no of photos – not many photographers do that much for a small event, so thank you!!”

The client was sent the images via an easy to use on line storage platform and was made aware of all the ways in which we could physically present the images for them.

After a brief consultation with myself & a colleague, the client decided on a stunning matt ‘story book’ style hard-back album & a gorgeous acrylic finish canvas.

The client advised on which images were a must to include in the album but also gave us the flexibility to choose a selection of images to compliment their chosen selections.

Once we had finished designing the album and canvas we sent the draft to the client to okay and once they were happy with the entire layout it was sent off to print.

The client has only just come to collect their finished products and I am pleased to say that they were absolutely over the moon with all… “Thank you so very much for the album & canvas, both are very well put together. The album flows just like a story book. You have compiled it beautifully for us. We are so very happy with it. The colours have come out so nice printed too. Thanks again so much and we will be in touch in the future

Below is a small selection of the images as well as a snippet of the album and canvas.

We hope you enjoy viewing the images of this beautiful family and don’t forget we have a range of spectacular special offers currently available across all our all our services and shoots including Event Photography!

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  • John 1st August 2016  

    Hey, cool albums – where can I see your prices & do you do birthday parties?