All About Anna – She will keep you warm…

Check out our latest Product Photography featuring the stylish & mind blowing (!) Anna – The Heater by Stadler Form…



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Let us know what you think of Anna and her images by commenting below.








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  • Gurpreet 9th March 2017  

    I’m loving these Jas, very crisp, clean and vibrant.

    • Jasdip Sagu 10th March 2017  

      Thanks for the comment Gurpreet – hope all is well with the team at Ampersans and don’t forget we are here to capture all your amazing designs on camera whenever you need us to!

  • Harj 22nd May 2017  

    Love the background used, really makes the product ‘pop’ and stand out. Good lighting is key to showcase brand identity as well as product, and you’ve done it perfectly. Well done.