World Photo Day

Celebrating 177 Years of Photography

As you may or may not know, today marks the 177th World Photo Day!

World Photo Day is celebrated annually on the 19th of August to celebrate the passion of photographers around the world.

The day was initially aimed to inspire photographers across the world to share a single photo with the world. In simple terms “It’s to share with the world, their world as how they see it”.

The date behind World Photo Day originates from the invention of the ‘Daguerreotype’, which is a photographic process developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837.

On January 9, 1839, The French Academy of Sciences announced the daguerreotype process. A few months later, on August 19, 1839, the French government purchased the patent and announced the invention as a gift “Free to the World”.

It should be noted that the Daguerreotype wasn’t the first permanent photographic image. In 1826, Nicèphore Nièpce captured the earliest known permanent photograph known as ‘View from the Window at Le Gras‘ using a process called Heliography.


August 19th 1839 was thereafter chosen as the date behind World Photo Day based on the following historical merits:

– The Daguerreotype as the first practical photographic process.
– The purchase and release of the patent by the French government.



Photography, people & the human body form has always been a passion of mine and from a very young age you would see me with my disposable Kodak camera clicking away whilst on a school outing to The British Museum and thereafter in my teenage years with a Casio camera at family parties & gatherings getting in the way of uncles & aunties!!

In 2008 I purchased my first DSLR and began regularly snapping away. One day I decided to share the images I had taken on social media sites and the next thing I knew people had started to like & comment on my work – this made me think “hmm – I love taking pictures and people obviously enjoy viewing them so perhaps I should give some thought to doing this professionally”.

A few months later I went travelling to Japan and one day happened to randomly capture a picture of an elderly gentleman with an eccentric looking hat and goldfish bowls for earrings who was standing across the road from me and that’s when I thought to myself “Why not approach him and get him to pose for a proper picture”.

I was in Japan for a further 2 weeks and I spent the majority of that time not only soaking up and absorbing the culture & scenery but also taking photographs of everything I saw right from the rickshaw driver who would be waiting outside my hotel every morning to photos of the boat that would take locals and tourists to the popular ‘Shrine Island’.

Upon my return to London, I uploaded my images onto my Facebook page and again I received numerous ‘likes’ & an array of positive comments.

This is what prompted me to start getting more serious about Photography and I began to take portraits of people. I knew several people in the Fashion Industry and started to tag along to Fashion photoshoots with them and posed as a second photographer. By attending the shoots I began to feel my excitement & passion grow and organized my own fashion photoshoot concepts. Not only was I taking the images but also I organised the mood boards, locations, models, hair & makeup artists as well as even styling the models! I really enjoyed this as it got my creative juices flowing and I just loved the passion & excitement I felt when doing this.

In 2009 I was finally able to set up my own photographer business & since then I have not looked back. Other than attending a short course in Fashion & Editorial Photography at The London College of Contemporary Arts in 2014 I am totally self-taught and this is something I am incredibly proud of.

I wanted to use the excuse of World Photo Day to not only share with you some of my work but also to share with you the work of some of my favourite internationally renowned photographers who have not only inspired me, but also thousands of others from across the globe.

Original Works By Jasdip Sagu – Some of Jasdip’s Personal Favourites…

Photographers who have particularly inspired me & my work are…

Helmut Newton who sadly passed away in 2004 and was a German-Australian photographer. He was a “prolific, widely imitated fashion photographer whose provocative, erotically charged black-and-white photos were a mainstay of Vogue Magazine and other internal fashion publications.



Steven Meisel who was born in the fifties & is an American fashion photographer, who obtained popularity and critical acclaim with his work in US and Italian Vogue and his photographs of friend Madonna in her 1992 book Sex.  He is now considered one of the most successful fashion photographers in the industry, shooting regularly for both US and Italian Vogue, and lately W.



Guy Bourdin was a French born photographer who was a painter by trade & like me, a wholly self taught photographer. He worked for Vogue as well as for brands such as Chanel, Ungaro and Charles Jourdan. Today his work is internationally recognised & is displayed in prestigious museums & galleries such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.



Rankin is a British born portrait & fashion photographer who is incredibly diverse and has a total unique style and flair for all things photographic. in 2002 he received an Honorary Fellowship by The Royal Photographic Society. Rankin published his own quarterly magazine entitled ‘Rank’.



Finally, I must credit certain websites from where I have obtained some information with regards to World Photo Day as well as the images of the above four named photographers.

World Photo Day Information – &

Helmut Newton – &

Steve Meisel – &

Guy Boudin –

Rankin – &


Lastly, professional or just a keen photographer, you to can share your image with the world by clicking here

Thanks for reading & and as always don’t forget to leave your thoughts by commenting below.


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